As a Basic Life Support (BLS) unit, UD-1 provides medical care to the University of Delaware and the surrounding community. When needed Advanced Life Support (ALS) is provided by New Castle County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the form of ALS sprint cars with 2 paramedics on board. UD-1 then transports with (a) paramedic(s) in our unit. UD-1 is also the second due ambulance for the majority of the city of Newark through an agreement with Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder Company signed in 2003.

Dispatching & Communications

In the event UD-1 is needed to respond to a 911 Emergency on or off campus the crew is contacted by New Castle County Fire Board via Motorola Minitor V pagers and alpha-numeric pagers, or by radio. UD-1 communicates with NCC Fire Board and UCOMM (University Communications) via the state-wide 800 Mhz Digital trunking system using both portable and mobile Motorola radios.


The crew consists of a minimum of two National Registry and Delaware State Certified EMT-Basics and can have up to two attendants on board. The additional crew members on board are something that is unique and demonstrative of our commitment as a teaching ambulance. Usually additional crew members consist of a certified EMT being evaluated, an EMT student, or a new member gaining experience. This enables them to gain hands on experience in the field while studying to become an EMT.

UD-1 prides itself on providing a high level of care to all patients while providing an introductory learning environment for its members into the operations of EMS. Every year UD-1 responds to over 400 calls ranging from sick persons to car accidents and cardiac arrests and handles each with professionalism and care.

State Certifications

State Certification: UD-1 is certified annually by the State of Delaware Fire Commission as a 911 BLS transport unit.

State of Delaware EMT-Basic: All drivers and technicians, and many of our members are certified as National and State of Delaware EMT-Basics. It is a requirement within one year of joining UDECU to become a Nationally Registered EMT-B.