Station and Apparatus


The University of Delaware Emergency Care Unit is located on South Chapel Street in
Newark. This is the second station UDECU has had since its formation in 1976. The first station was located on Amstel Ave. However when the Department of Public Safety moved, a new station was built specifically for UD-1. There is a bunk room/office that sleeps three and a garage where the unit is kept. The station also has a computer for report writing and shower/bathroom. The building is maintained by the Department of Public Safety.

When the new station was built, UDECU also obtained the Solar House which is an adjacent building where members of the ambulance can spend time while on duty.


UD-1 is the primary unit of The UD Emergency Care Unit. This BLS unit has a 2012 Ford E450 chassis with a Lifeline Superliner module. It was placed in service September of 2012.  It is equipped with Whelen LED emergency lighting and Howler siren.  It is equipped to meet all standards for State of Delaware BLS Ambulances.


UD-2 is our quick response vehicle used by members on duty to respond to the station for a call. This is a 2006 Dodge Stratus given to UDECU by the Department of Public Safety. This is equipped with an AED, Primary Bag and Suction Unit and is utilized as a first response vehicle.

UD Bike 1 & 2

These bikes are primarily used at standbys to provide a quick response unit to areas where ambulances or other larger vehicles may be delayed in responding. The “Bike Team” gets its most use at football games where it is dispatched first to nearly every incident on the Stadium Grounds.