UDECU Holds Driver Training Session

This Sunday morning, the University of Delaware Emergency Care Unit held a training class for members interested in becoming an ambulance driver.  Members practiced maneuvering the ambulance in a cones course, as well as “spotting” techniques.  This class is one part of the UDECU driver training program, which also includes attending Delaware State Emergency Vehicle Operator class and over twelve hours of supervised road training.

UDECU Provides Medical Coverage for the Delaware Marathon

DE MarathonOn Sunday, May 12, 2013, EMS Bike Teams from the University of Delaware Emergency Care Unit (UDECU) and Aetna Hose, Hook, and Ladder assisted with the medical coverage for the Delaware Marathon in Wilmington, Delaware. UDECU was invited to provide EMS at this event by New Castle County Emergency Medical Services, and this was the third year that UDECU assisted with this event.

With approximately 3,000 runners, the EMS Bike Teams provided a crucial role in rapid response to pedestrian-heavy areas which were difficult for ambulances to travel to. The Delaware Marathon is one of many events where UDECU deploys an EMS Bike Team, and University of Delaware EMTs train extensively to become Bike Team certified.

UDECU Holds an EMS Bike Training Class

Bike TrainingThe University of Delaware Emergency Care Unit often utilizes bicycles to respond to emergencies where an ambulance may not be able to drive to.  Often times, special events on campus and in nearby communities will require an EMS Bike Team to standby for possible emergencies.  These events include UD Football Games, 5K’s, the Delaware Marathon, and Bike Races.

Since the University of Delaware Emergency Care Unit Bike Team is activated so often, specialized training classes are held for the EMTs.  Based on International Police Mountain Bike Association courses, the UDECU classes cover navigating through crowds, biking over rough terrain, biking during inclement weather, and many other topics.  UDECU has a tradition of excellence in EMS, therefore all Bike Team certified EMTs are required to go though these rigorous training classes.

The new UD-1 arrives soon!

Over the past 3-4 months, Life Line ambulance has been building the new UD-1. The ambulance has completed construction, and will be painted and detailed this week. The ambulance is a 2012 Lifeline Type III on a Ford E-Series Chassis. UDECU members will vote for the final ambulance design. The University of Delaware Emergency Care Unit would like to thank the University of Delaware, as well as the hard work of past and present UDECU members, for making the purchase of the new UD-1 possible.