Ranking System

UDECU is based on a hierarchical system that encourages education and hard work at the keys to promotion. There are five ranks (and one additional intermediate rank) based upon a person’s accomplishments in the organization. Your rank number proceeds your personal two digit membership number.

Level 1 – Attendant: A New member in the organization with little or no formal training in EMS

Level 2 – Attendant: A member with either a out of state EMT certification; or a member with 7 runs, American Heart Association CPR for the Healthcare Provider, and AED certification.

Level 3 – Assistant Technician: A member who is A NREMT-B and a Delaware EMT-B. A Level 3 is expected to take a leading roll in the delivery of Patient Care, under the supervision of a Level 4. Level 3’s will be given evaluations based on their performance on each ambulance call they “tech.”

Level 3fp – Field Promotable Assistant Technician: Once a Level 3 has gained experience and demonstrated general proficiency as an EMT, they can be made a Field Promotable by a majority vote of all active Technicians and Drivers (Level 4’s and Level 5’s.) As an FP, the member can be temporarily promoted to act as a technician for an individual call, under special conditions. For a Field Promotable to be promoted for a particular call, the following circumstances must be present:

  1. There must be no other Technicians (4’s) or Driver’s (5’s) available to act as Technician for the call, within 3 minutes dispatch of the alpha pager.
  2. The UDECU driver (5) must give their approval for the FP to “tech” the call.
  3. The Driver must be a UDECU driver, UDPD officers may not promote an FP. If no UDECU driver is available a Field Promotable may NOT go on a call and act as a Technician.
  4. A Driver’s Permission must be given for each individual call.
  5. The FP must also agree to act as Technician on the call, FP status does not obligate them to do so.

On all other occasions, the FP will operate as a normal Level 3 and is expected to come ride often and receive evaluations.

Level 4 – Technician: A member who has completed all the previous requirements and has passed a Technician test administered by the current Technicians and Drivers. In order to pass the Technician test, a member must have 10 written evaluations from current Technicians and at least 7 of these evaluations must have an overall rating of 7 or higher. These are the minimums and almost all candidates will far exceed these requirements.

The Technician’s Test examines a candidate’s:

  1. Knowledge of 10-Codes
  2. Ability to proficiently operate the UD and county EMS radios
  3. Proficiency using map books
  4. Knowledge of the location and proper use of equipment on UD-1
  5. Previous evaluations
  6. EMS skill’s through practical scenarios.

Once the Technician Test has been administered, the member is made a Technician with the approval of a majority of the current Technicians and Drivers.

Level 5 – Driver/Technician: A Level 5 is a member that has passed all previous levels and also operates as a Driver. A UDECU Driver is the senior member of all UDECU ambulance crews and recognized as the Officer in Charge (OIC)

To become a driver, a member that has reached Level 4 must:

  1. Pass the Delaware Emergency Operator’s class
  2. Pass a Defensive Driving Class
  3. Log a minimum of at least 24 hours of driver-training in UD-1
  4. Demonstrate extensive knowledge of locations and staging areas of all University buildings
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of appropriate routes to all area hospitals
  6. Receive the approval of a majority of all active UDECU Driver’s (5’s)
  7. Pass a driving test with the advisor