What is Required of Me?

There are four basic requirements for UDECU members. First, UDECU requires a minimum of eighteen hours (18) per month of duty.  Members who only complete the minimum required monthly hours do not see many advancement opportunities within the organization.  Second, members must attend the membership meeting held on the first Sunday of each month.  Third, all members are required to attend one monthly training session.  The final requirement is within six months of become a full member, each member must be a certified Delaware Emergency Medical Technician.

Upon acceptance, you will become fully involved with the organization. During your probationary period of one semester you will become familiar with how the ambulance and equipment operates, become certified in CPR, and assist with patient care by riding along on actual ambulance calls. For the period that you are a probationary member, you will be assigned a current member as your field trainer. Your field trainer will assist you in familiarizing you with the ambulance, equipment and procedures used by UDECU.

At the conclusion of the probationary semester, probationary members will be evaluated by the Supervisors and they will determine if the probationary member has met the requirements to become a full member.  Cuts to the probationary class can occur at any time.