The Emergency Care Unit has been honored with many awards over the years. The following are some awards we have received in recent years.

•March 2011  – During the National Collegiate EMS Foundation’s conference in Philadelphia, UDECU won the best video award. See the video HERE.

•March 2009 – During the National Collegiate EMS Foundation’s conference in Arlington, VA, four members of UDECU competed in the annual Physio-Control EMS Skills Competition. Mary Fannon, Paige Sacher, Jesse Marsh, and Jeff Sands worked as a team to win First Place in the competition! Also during the conference, UDECU received the Continuing Excellence in Collegiate EMS award for our dedicated service and unique training techniques, and UDECU’s Advisor of 35 years, Jack Lynn, was presented with a plaque in honor of his years of service both to our organization and to collegiate EMS.

•May 2008 – UDECU was a finalist in many categories at the annual Registered Student Organization (RSO) Dinner, we received the following awards!

◦Jack Lynn Received the RSO Advisor of the Year Award!

◦UDECU Received the Outstanding Community Service RSO Award!

•In February of 2005, the organization was distinguished when a team of four UDECU members won First Place at a EMS Skills competition at the National Collegiate EMS Foundation’s conference in Philadelphia. The clinical, leadership and creativity skills of Ross Cohen, Harland Westgate, Megan Leiblein and Steve Snow were tested as they out-scored 34 other teams.

•The same day, UDECU was once again recognized as a top campus emergency medical service organization with the award, “Striving for Excellence in Campus EMS.” Although organizations are only eligible for this award every 3 years this is the 3rd time UDECU was honored with this distinction since the award’s inception in 1997.

•UDECU was featured in the April issue of EMS magazine in a feature about Campus EMS. The article highlighted UDECU as one of the premier campus EMS organizations in the country. It briefly covers our history and accolades and included quotes from members and two pictures of our ambulance and membership.

•In October of 2002, the National Association of EMT’s presented UDECU with the coveted “Leo R. Schwartz Emergency Medical Service of the Year” award. Sponsored by EMS magazine, UDECU is only the second university ambulance to win the award in it’s 23 year history.

•In December of 2002, the New Castle County Fire Chief’s Association of Delaware and the New Castle County Volunteer Fireman’s association for Delaware each issued resolutions saluting UDECU “for outstanding efforts…and the valuable service they provide.”

•In the same month, Eric MaryEa, a UDECU member, was given the EMS provider of the year award by the National Collegiate EMS Foundation.

•UDECU received the 2002 Registered Student Organization (RSO) Leadership award for “Outstanding RSO Web site.” UDECU received this honor in 2001 as well.

•The University of Delaware presented the Emergency Care Unit with an award for being the “Volunteer Organization of the Year” for the 2001-2002 academic year.

•In 2001 UDECU was recognized for its “Outstanding RSO Achievement” in reference to its historic agreement with Aetna Hose Hook & Ladder Company to respond in the city of Newark when Aetna units are otherwise commuted.

•In 2001, the University of Delaware recognized longtime UDECU advisor Jack Lynn for his dedication to the organization. Jack was also honored in 1998 as the “EMS Advisor of the Year” by the National Collegiate EMS Foundation.