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The University of Delaware Emergency Care Unit (UDECU) is an organization dedicated to serving the university and greater community by providing professional emergency medical services. Our members go above and beyond their required minimum hours each month to volunteer within the organization. With anywhere from 50 to 100 applications each semester, we can only accept 10-20% for each probationary member class. After a probationary semester, further cuts are made before membership is granted. Because of the time commitment and personal dedication we ask of our members, each applicant is highly scrutinized. We ask that you seriously consider the amount of time and effort you could dedicate to our unit before applying for membership. Our students consider UDECU their top priority behind schoolwork and we look for those applicants with the same attitude each semester. With that being said, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have before applying.

The Spring 2015 application is now closed. Please check back next semester!

If you have any questions please contact Lauren Zabilowicz: